Philly Brick Fest is a LEGO Convention for Fans of LEGO (FOLs). This is a 4-day private event from April 23 – 26, 2015 consisting of games, seminars, building activities, giveaways, and more. Registered attendees also have the ability display their LEGO creations sure to inspire the general public. Registered attendees also have a chance to meet, mingle, and create new friendships with other FOLs.

Brick Fest Live is the portion of the event that is open to the public. For 2015, there will be three public sessions: Saturday April 25th 9:00am to 1:00pm & 3:00pm to 7:00pm and Sunday April 26th from 10:30PM – 4:30PM. During the public sessions, attendees will have a chance to see the amazing FOL creations in addition to the hands-on attractions facilitated by Brick Fest Live.

FOL is an acronym for Fan of LEGO. FOLs come in many varieties: AFOL (Adult), TFOL (Teen), KFOL (Kid), FFOL (Female), NFOL (New)

LUG is an acronym for LEGO User Group. LUGs are recognized clubs by The LEGO Group typically consisting of AFOLs, and geographically based. A listing of recognized LUGs can be found here:
Food is available for purchase at several nearby restaurants.
Learn With Bricks LLC, is the independent producer of Philly Brick Fest® & Brick Fest Live and is not is not associated with the LEGO® Group of Companies. However, LEGO® does provide a certain level of support/sponsorship to FOL conventions of which Philly Brick Fest is a beneficiary of. This includes an allotment of LEGO merchandise to be made available to registered attendees of the event.
You can register to display your creation or to simply hang our with other like-minded FOLs.
MOC is an acronym for My Own Creation. This is a LEGO creation that you can display at Philly Brick Fest. During the registration process you will be asked to provide dimension about your MOC so we can make sure you have enough table space.
Registered attendees under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and the accompanying adult must also be a registered attendee.
If you are planning on displaying a MOC, you are required to make sure it is set up by Friday eventing and it must remain on display until Sunday at 4:30pm. Displayers are also required tend to their own creations during the public hours. Attendance of any other portion of the conventions is completely up to you.